Our pets are already part of our family, we love them dearly, and we take care of them always. But like our sons and daughters, our pets sometimes become ill and acquire a disease. Luckily if the disease would just pass by away, but sometimes it doesn’t, and it makes our pets weak. When this unfortunate time comes, we need the help of professionals; we need the service of a good veterinarian. 

The issue now is that there are a lot of veterinarians in our community, and it can be a headache on how to choose among them. While most of them are good, we all agree that some of them really are really bad and doesn’t love their job as much. To help you avoid selecting these undesirable exceptions, here are the characteristics that are found in a good veterinarian. 

Good Veterinarian 

Knowledge and Expertise

The first characteristic that make a good veterinarian is knowledge and expertise. Animals are complex beings like us, and it takes a thorough education and extensive experience to handle and cure these beings.  

One sign that determines a veterinarians’ knowledge and expertise is his/her license; it means that he passed regulatory tests to have it. He must also have many certificates on veterinarian conferences so that his/her knowledge is updated. Lastly, you will know that he is knowledgeable and expert if he has good reviews and recommendation from others. Check online reviews and contact his clients and ask about the quality of service of the veterinarian. 


We don’t understand our pets completely because we don’t speak their language. And veterinarians deal with many kinds of pets that have all different personalities. It takes a lot of patience to deal with animals that are nonresponsive or hyperactive.  

Good Communication Skills

Another characteristic that largely determines if a veterinarian is good or not is if he/she has good communication skills. As pet owners, we very worried about the state of our pets, and we want to understand their condition. A good veterinarian is a good communicator who is able to talk clearly and explain their condition. He/she is also able to assure that the pet is going to be alright, as long as we take the necessary steps to help our pets recover. 


One characteristic that any good veterinarian has that cannot be learned in any school is compassion. You must see in her/him that he is genuinely concerned about the animal and would do everything in her capabilities to help it heal and recover.  

Time management Skills

Another characteristic of a good veterinarian is time management skills. You are most likely not his only customer, he/she probably has more. He must have time management skills in order to attend to all of his patients and treat them equally. Sometimes in emergency situations, time is essential to save your pet’s life. If you want this kind of veterinarian for your pets, contact Vets in Parkville and have your pets checked.