For most or if not all of us, our home is our most favorite place in the world. This is because it is in our house where we are most comfortable. One major reason why our house is very comfortable is that of the HVAC system, or the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. This HVAC system controls or facilitates the change and control of the temperature of our homes.

Because of the benefits and importance that HVAC system gives us, we need to take care of it always. One of the most problematic aspects of HVAC system is the airflow or delivery of the air throughout the house. When this happens, you will notice that the different rooms in your house do not have the same air temperature. Other problems include no air coming from registers, drafty areas, doors shutting by themselves because of imbalance by air pressure. 

If you are noticing these signs, then there must be something wrong your HVAC system. To have some knowledge on how to deal with it, here are the common causes of airflow problems in your HVAC system. 

 HVAC System

Condenser Unit

One of the most common causes of airflow problems is obstructed condenser unit. The condenser unit is the large box-like machine that is typically located outside. Because it is located outside, leaves, rocks, dust, and other debris can easily accumulate on its surface and cause obstruction and pressure to the unit. This accumulation can cause overheating because the condenser unit does not have enough space to access air. 

Vents and Openings are Blocked

Another problem that you can solve by yourself is the blocked vents and openings. When our furnace or air conditioning unit produces the air we wanted, it distributes this air through our vents and openings. Signs of airflow problems can be simply caused by blocked vents and openings. Make sure that your vents and openings are not blocked by appliances or furniture, so that the air from them can spread throughout the house. 

Filters are Clogged

Another probable cause of the airflow problems of your HVAC system are clogged filters. Filters are there to block off dust, dirt, and debris from going inside your machine and in the vents. Because of their function, time will come when these filters are getting clogged by accumulated dust and debris. This will lead to inefficient air flow which results in different temperatures in different rooms.  Fix this problem by cleaning or changing the filters, read the manufacturers direction on changing filers first before doing the change. 

Problematic Ducts

The dust, debris, and dirt that gets past the filters go into the ducts and accumulate there. When this happens always, the weight of the accumulation of dirt can be a problem because ducts are very fragile. Airflow is clogged or escapes altogether when the ducts develop holes and gaps because of the dirt. If you have this kind of problem, better contact professional HVAC services and have your problem fixed.